Hello all! How is everyone? Good, good....how's your neck? Good? Good.

Anyway, just writing to collectively tell you we are doing well too....we've all been preoccupied with life these days. Lojic will be booking LA shows in the summer so look for those.

The big thing we wanted to tell you is we COMPLETED A BRAND NEW SONG for fun. We had no plans for release, but we definitely sat down and decided we have to release it because it's just too awesome to let sit.

Here's the link (available only though planetlojic.com): Ten 4 To Infinity


It's called Ten 4 To Infinity and it was recorded (in our seemingly home base now) Ocean Studios in Burbank and vocal were tracked in Encore Studios. Produced by Albert Mata and Lojic, Engineered and Mixed by Albert as well.


We ABSOLUTELY plan on shooting a video, it will be done by the end of summer. Until then, we are just writing and chilling and producing. We will also be releasing all of Lies in Hopetropolis on YouTube as well...so look for that.


Until then...

Good year to you all! Soooo, got some interesting news which most of you already know. We won this contest with the amazing website SMASHTOUR.COM!

So that means we are in production for new material. We just came out of the studio and walked out with THE BEST SONG WE HAVE EVER DONE!

Not only that, GEORGE CLINTON is singing on it! Also DJ BATTLECAT (Snoop's live DJ) is remixing Smeart from "Lies in Hopetropolis".

Awesome stuff. So, during all this, we are writing new stuff and were talking about doing a double album... but that may not happen. We don't know. It's actually a very creative time for us in that we are actually starting to figure out what we really want to do... So, I will say this new album will likely be a burner all the way through... and we may release other albums that are different styles. We don't know but we do know that the album will likely be rock all the way... stay tuned.

Also, big shout to Albert Mata for being our friend and a great engineer. He has basically become a part of our team and makes us sound really good.. a lot.

For our LA people, we will be playing @ THE MINT on SUNDAY JAN 30th - 9:30PM! Goooooooo, and I will drink with you and listen to your problems. We are also playing THE MINT again, Friday Feb 18th @ 10:30pm. I will listen to you again, but I want updates this time. On what happened in-between Jan and early Feb. For real.

Until then.. awesome.



Behold, the new website! We have been building this with our minds for about 6 years as part of a government experiment in HTML/Human Mind linking.

But it didn't work so Justin Wilburn did it and it's turned out much better.

We will continue to add to it in the coming days so check back and peep!

*** NEW ALBUM "LIES IN HOPETROPOLIS" - Available on iTunes June 18th!

Our new album "Lies in Hopetropolis" will be available on June 18th on iTunes.

All pre-orders and gold packages will be shipped June 14th before the Pageant show.

PLEASE support Lojic as we worked super hard on this album and it's our best yet by far.


We will playing a series of shows in the Midwest in June, kicking off with June 18th @ The Pageant! The show is $10 and tickets are available now on ticketmaster under this link:


It will be an amazing night with some great bands (Midwest Avengers, Team Relevance and Upright Animals), some guess performances and surprises. DON'T MISS IT!

So here is the schedule:

June 18th (Fri) - Saint Louis, MO - The Pageant - 7PM - All Ages - $10 - w/ Midwest Avengers, Team Relevance, Upright Animals

June 19th (Sat) - Cape Girardeau, MO - Breakaway's - 9PM - 21 and up - $5 - w/ Tone Def All Stars & Earthworms

June 24th (Thu) - Columbia, MO - Mojo's - 9PM - All Ages - w/ Nifty 250, The Matter, The Grea Tones

June 25th (Fri) - Quincy, IL - Backwaters - 9PM - 21 and up - $7 - w/ Bryan Nokes, The Most Average, The Grea Tones


We will be performing at 10pm at The Air Conditioned Supper Club in Venice, CA on May 14th. Tickets are $10 at the door for entrance and we are playing with some great bands (Save Our Souls


We are going into production soon and will have a music video by the time the album is released. It will be really awesome.


We are reactivating our street team like BP re-activates spilling oil everywhere... was it too early?

Please send an email to: lojicstreetteam@gmail.com if you are interested in being a part of it...

You get special awesome bonuses like tickets to shows and long drawn out conversions with us!!


There really is a lot going on in the Lojic camp... working on some promo posters for the new album and we will plaster them all around after June with some help from street team.

Will probably do some more music videos as well in the coming months.

Also a big LA release will be planned for July as well. GET READY!!!



Massive Lojic news!!



We are proud to tell the world that our 3rd studio album is complete!  It's been a long time coming and it's definitely our best work yet, no question. There are 12 tracks and here is the list of songs.


1) 911
2) Lies in Hopetropolis
3) Smeart
4) In The Sun
5) Salmonella
6) Sound Violation
7) From The Grave
8) Beginnings Never End
9) Don't Lose Everything
10) Horizon Lines
11) Today Walker
12) Do You Remember



We will kick off the Lies In Hopetropolis tour 2010 after we release the CD @ The Pageant in St. Louis, MO on June 18th.



As you all know, these are strange times for the music industry and for the American (and global) economy as well. Everything in shifting around and musicians are not making as much money as they used too. Bands are very rarely being signed to labels and their deals are VERY different than what they used to be.


This is not new news, but regardless as a totally independent band, we need your help to complete the record. We are shooting to fundraise a total of $3000 to complete the record. This is mainly for the actually duplication of the album in it's jewel-cased, physical form.

The artwork is almost complete as well and is being done by the amazing Sean Blake, a long time friend of our based in Santa Barbara, CA and the amazing Justin Wilburn who is designing our new website as well.


So, anyway, to make it a bit more interesting we are offering 3 levels of buying the new record, each with their own goodies and what-nots:

LEVEL 1 - Standard Package - $10 (does not include shipping and handling):

- A signed copy of the record by the band (only available for pre-sale orders and will be shipped as soon as the physical album is given to us).
- A link will be provided to download the full CD.


LEVEL 2 - Gold Package - $50 (does not include shipping and handling):

- A signed copy of the record by the band and link to download album.
- A special extra handmade with love CD of unreleased material, demos and rough songs ideas we had for Lies in Hopetropolis but never made the record.
- A copy of "The Four Ring Spectacle" live DVD from 2007
- Stickers
-Other special goodies!

LEVEL 3 - Super Platinum Status Package - $100 (does not include shipping and handling):

- All of the above offerings. - Your name listed in the record in a special section to immortalize your love of music FOREVER.

We are also taking donations of any kind to help contribute to the $3000 goal.


So with all that, to place your order, simply send your name, address, package you would like, check or money order (we also have a paypal account - johnnylojic@hotmail.com) to:


4150 Marathon St. - #311
Los Angeles, CA 90029

You can also email orders@planetlojic.com with all the following information.

Please include $2 for shipping and handling or the order cannot be completed.

Thank you all as we are excited to be done and begin the shows in support of the record. WE LOVE YOU ALL!





Yooo been a minute since we updated but it's been busy you know? Just doing things and stuff...


Anyway, the future of Lojic is bright as we have COMPLETED OUR 3RD STUDIO ALBUM, "Lies in Hopetropolis"... it's currently being mastered but should be available for pre-sale by the end of March. A set in stone date will be released soon.


We also have confirmed our CD release in St. Louis, MO at The Pageant on June 18th (Fri)!! This will be a show not to miss as we may explode on stage.


Also, A Los Angeles CD release show is in the works... It will be awesome also. What else can we say?

So here is the album list for "Lies in Hopetropolis":


1) 911
2) Lies in Hopetropolis
3) Smeart
4) In The Sun
5) Salmonella
6) Sound Violation
7) From The Grave
8) Beginnings Never End
9) Don't Lose Everything
10) Horizon Lines
11) Today Walker
12) Do You Remember

Anyway, we are very excited about this as this is clearly our best sounding, most sophisticated work to date. We were fortunate enough to go into Ocean Studios (in Burbank) to do chunks of the record and it shows. Some really great records were done there and it was awesome to become friends with the staff and pester our mix engineer.


It's also better than any album in the universe. Declared so by the Bill Oyy-ott from Korea.

So stay tuned, we also have a new website in concurrence with the album release. I used the word concurrence.





Yo yo yo yo... booyaka. Respect. Ali G throw back pre Borat / Bruno...


Anyway, it's been a minute since we have posted blog or anything really, we are hard at work trying to finish the new album as fast as we can, we want it done so we can play show because it's hard to play show when you are in that studio zone...


It's all turing out really good tho, best work we have ever done clearly, especially in the way it sounds... we have all learned light years since The Manual. Plus, we produced this ourselves for the first time so we really had full control... not that not having full control is a bad thing, it's good to mix it up.


We are finishing vocals then we will be sending it off to mix soon but we really want to take our time because the music world is so different now than it used to be. There is no reason to rush, we just want to have fun and get it done right, you feel?


We will probably play a lot of shows after the album comes out and of course release it formally in LA and STL. No details on that yet...


In the meantime, if anyone actually reads this... anyone got any good album suggestions for this thing? We are so busy making it, we haven't got to that stage yet... the main theme seems to be a commentary on life and society... nothing specific.


Yea, so NEXT SHOW will be in Pasadena then Glendale the next night... should be a good weekend. For us at least...